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Anybody tried to go paperless with Sage 50 accounts?

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Anybody tried to go paperless with Sage 50 accounts?

Post by ByGosh » 21 May 2020, 15:05


I am considering how to move forward with Sage 50 Accounts into a paperless system. A lot of our invoices are received by email as PDF's, and I spend ages each week going through every email, printing them off and then coding them ready for data input into Sage.

Has anybody any experience of using a PDF file system that can work in conjunction with Sage 50, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that is easy to use and that saves everything into a folder, based on the transaction number that I can send to the accountant at the end of the year?

Or am I expecting too much too soon?

Many thanks, John

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Re: Anybody tried to go paperless with Sage 50 accounts?

Post by sageNoob » 07 Aug 2020, 08:56

You probably want to make a bespoke system for this? Cannot think of any integrated services. You probably want to pull data onto excel/access using Microsoft Query and then edit the data however you'd like. Finally you can use the export pdf function via VBA and can also add the logic for making the path per transaction ID there. Hope that helps.

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Re: Anybody tried to go paperless with Sage 50 accounts?

Post by brucedenney » 20 Aug 2020, 14:43

V26 has the option to attach files to transactions.
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