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Cashflow feeding from Sage

Posted: 20 May 2020, 08:38
by SailingSara
Hi all, I'm new here. I wonder if you can help me please :D

Does anyone know of any cashflow software that would feed from Sage. At present we use a very complex spreadsheet. We have deferred income and use forecasting. Everything is entered manually which leads to human error sometimes :?
We would like to find a product that links with Sage 50 Accounts and brings in the figures we need and is not over-complicated for us to be able to add additional forecast figures.

Is there anything out there? Or does Sage sell a Cashflow module?
Many thanks in advance

Re: Cashflow feeding from Sage

Posted: 20 May 2020, 08:47
by brucedenney

It sounds to me like the problem is that you are not reading the data into your spreadsheet directly from Sage.

The re-keying will lead to errors.

There are cash flow forecasting software, but they use generic models and it sounds like you have a pretty good model, you just have an issue getting the data into it.

You can use odbc to extract the data from sage and put it into your spreadsheet and link all your forecasts to that data.

If you prefer you could hire someone like myself to convert your existing sheet so it extracts the data from sage.

I would need to look at it first but i would expect it to be sub £100 cost to do.

Re: Cashflow feeding from Sage

Posted: 20 May 2020, 15:09
by SailingSara
Thanks Bruce. We are going to do some more work on our cash flow spreadsheet then may come back to you for this.

Re: Cashflow feeding from Sage

Posted: 29 May 2022, 05:45
by jamesmcgrill
If you're using Sage 50c Accounts Standard or Sage 50c Accounts Professional then you will have the Cash Flow button with in Bank Accounts. It is found under analysis – under the main task bar and then by selecting cash flow. You have the ability to select the cash Accounts you want to include in the cash flow projection.

Re: Cashflow feeding from Sage

Posted: 30 May 2022, 10:06
by brucedenney
The issue with the Sage system is that it pretty inflexible and is short term.

If you need a cash flow projection that reflects the changes you plan to make in your business, then using a tool like Excel is far more flexible.

The only issue is that spreadsheets tend to attract errors, so you want to build in some controls, to make sure everything is covered.