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Deleted batch invoices

Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 19:01
by Office1

After all my hard work, I discovered a batch of supplier invoices for the same customer has been deleted. How could I have done this ?


Re: Deleted batch invoices

Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 10:51
by brucedenney
You did not say when you registered which version you are using, so I am assuming you are on V26 aka V2020.

You can delete transactions by going to Transactions, selecting the invoice and pressing the delete button, then press the delete button again, then press yes to confirm you want to delete the transaction.

You would then need to repeat that for all the other invoices.

Note that if the invoice was not in the current financial year you would get an additional warning.

Note that if the invoice had been VAT reconciled, then instead of deletion the invoice would be reversed.

Note that if the invoice was paid, it's payment allocation would be cancelled and the item that was matched to it would then show an amount outstanding to allocate.

Finally note that one invoice might have a lot of splits and you may have mistakenly assumed these to be separate invoices when they are all just multiple splits of one invoice, so you could have deleted just one invoice, check the invoice reference in the inv ref field as it will be the same on all of them if they are splits of one invoice.