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Matching Incoming Bank Transactions to a Credit Note

Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 08:28
by smithdj5

In banking I have my "bank accounts" linked to the actual bank accounts so that transactions are downloaded automatically. I then use the "Match" feature to match each "real life" bank transaction to an item in SAGE.

This is normally great and convenient BUT - I issued one Customer with a sales credit note (SCN) and the customer reduced the next due invoice payment by the amount of the credit note.

What I want to do is to "match" the reduced invoice payment in the "Incoming Bank Transactions" to the original invoice AND the sales credit note. The problem is that I can't make the sales credit note appear in the list of transactions that can be selected to match against the payment. There is a search option (see below screen shot) and credit notes is an option to search for but even when I select credit notes I can not make it bring up the credit note !

Any suggestions please ? I am sure somebody must have had the same situation where a credit note has been "paid" by the customer deducting the amount of the credit note for a payment due against an invoice.