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Sage 50 nominal Code report help ?

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Sage 50 nominal Code report help ?

Post by wc1projects » 31 Jul 2018, 13:05

Hi - i'am a bit of a sage novice - all self taught; but having some difficulty extracting some specific information from sage.

I have Sage 50 Accounts Essentials installed and running version 24.

I help run a construction company where we are developing a project ourselves and for everything where we spend money ie. materials, labour, administration, temporary plant hire, on is categorized in to nominal codes (between 5000-5999) and then to complicate matters further this is Broken up by department Codes - D0 to D12 (which allows me split up the cost of the job and different properties depending on which section cost is allocated.

Within my nominal codes i sometimes have 5 or 6 codes for one section eg: 5161 - Demolition - Materials, 5162 Demolition - Labour, 5163 -Demoliton Plant Hire, 5164 - Demolition Wast Away etc

If i run a nominal report it prints everything out for every nominal code i have and then breaks this up by department code. resulting in a 42 page report which isn't helpful.

But i want to run a report that will allow me to group nominal codes from a subcategory together. for example - Demolition (that figure takes in to account all the demolition nominal codes) so i can see look at a snapshot of how much i have spent on various parts of the job.

Is there a way to do this in sage without having to build a custom report?

many thanks


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Re: Sage 50 nominal Code report help ?

Post by brucedenney » 02 Aug 2018, 16:51

You can view the company based on your chart of accounts.

There are also lots of reports that would print the p&l in a number of ways, for example reporting against budget or the previous year.

You can make a chart of accounts that groups things as you want.

You can have multiple charts of accounts for different purposes.

Would that work for you?
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