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Sage 50: Update required control and messages

For some reason the powers that be in Sage have decided to us Sage 50 as a name for lots of different accounting systems and this has led to a lot of confusion.

The UK version is sold in UK Eire, Malta, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

It does get used in other parts of the world (eg China France) but it is not actively marketed.

This forum is for questions relating to the non UK versions.
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Sage 50: Update required control and messages

Post by total1 » 09 Aug 2016, 16:01

1) CONTROL OF UPDATES: We need to CONTROL when the updates for Sage 50 occurs. That is, it is our current understanding that we can't control the download and the Desktop notification. If we can, then how can we? If we can't see Option 2:
2) "Sage 50 UPDATE NEEDED" 'switch' TURNED ON WHERE?: We need to know WHAT and WHERE gets updated on our server that indicates a Sage 50 update exists. I realize that Sage may PUSH out the update but when the update arrives we have always (to my knowledge) seen that an update is required and to "press OK" to install the update. In this Option 2 scenario, once the update is automatically pushed out to those on Sage 50 maintenance what, if anything, gets updated on our server so that we can then get notification that INDEED there IS an update to run instead of having to look-to-see? So, we're wanting to know WHAT gets set, if anything, and WHEN to indicate that a Sage 50 update is NOW needing to be ran.

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