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We can offer lower cost Sage50cloud subscriptions for customer using pay-as-you-go support or who are self-supporting.
Need integration, your shipping system, your website, your invoicing system, your crm.
Need a bespoke solution, Mini Manufacturing, Spreadsheet order import, Back to back orders.
Want web hosting, email, your own domain name, a shop, we do it all!

Introduce us to a landlord to earn a 10% finder’s fee

This is the place for commercial postings, looking for work, got an extension to promote or whatever, you can do it here.
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Introduce us to a landlord to earn a 10% finder’s fee

Post by Landlord_manager » 11 Nov 2010, 20:36

Visionbase Software has been developing property management software since 1993 and Sage property solutions since 1999. We are authorised Sage developers and this year we released our brand new solution for residential property Landlords, Landlord Manager for Sage.

I am sure you will agree that in the current climate selling Sage just isn’t enough. Customer’s expectations are higher, and competition in the market place is stronger with many ‘off the shelf’ products available at low, low prices. At Landlord Manager our approach is to work in partnership with you to offer customers a complete Sage solution, offering not only unique property software but unrivalled after sales support.

Landlord Manager for Sage is the only residential property management software on the market that fully integrates with Sage Instant Plus and Sage 50 accounts and we are offering a 10% finder’s fee for any client you introduce who in turn purchases our software. As we don’t get involved in Sage sales, Sage installation and Sage training, you can further benefit from this by offering these further solutions to your client. Between us, we can offer your client the complete solution.

The process is simple. Introduce your client to us and we will conduct online demonstrations (with or without you present) and follow the process from quotation, follow up to a completed sale. After 30 days from invoice, we will ask to you invoice us 10% of the invoice value which will be paid within 7 days. Whilst we are working on our side, you can of course be implementing the Sage solution.

Take a look at our website for further information then call email us at or call 0114 2922477 quoting reference “SAGEFORUM” for further information.

Yours sincerely

Phil Oxley
Landlord Manager

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Re: Introduce us to a landlord to earn a 10% finder’s fee

Post by MYW » 30 Aug 2012, 09:11

Ever since we installed Landlord Manager we have had problems with its functionality. It never did the job we purchased it for.

After over 6 months of problems we requested a refund, but were refused on the basis that there would be upgrades coming. We were told that we were not proficient enough in accounting, which is why we could not use it properly. If we were accountants we would not have needed this software in the first place.

The customer service and training were inadequate. We have had to purchase other software, which now functions properly.

I would not recommend Landlord Manager for Sage to anyone.

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