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Sage line 50 and customer refunds

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Sage line 50 and customer refunds

Post by houdinibun » 04 Apr 2006, 16:30

We are a new limited company and I have been using sage line 50 for just one month and have hit a problem at my month end!

We use ebay and I input sales on a daily basis as totals of each type of product, not per customer. However, we have a certain amount of returns in a month and I now need to process the refunds for these.

I am finding that the refund wizard is useless as it seems to only allow the complete refund of an invoice, I need to do partial refunds what am I missing? Please help me as I am stressing about it, I could just do a purchase order and fudge it but think HMRC might get cross!!!

Sorry this may be a simple one but I have tried following the help on this and just don't seem to be able to get it to do what I want.

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Post by brucedenney » 05 Apr 2006, 13:44


You don't give enough detail for me to be sure as to what you are doing.

I think you are looking to do several refund to several customers and to put the returned stock back into stock. You have one customer account which represents all the ebay customers and one invoice per day that represents all the ebay customer purchases for that day.

Step 1 Enter a credit note in the invoicing module for the stock you have returned.

(This will create a credit on the customer account and the stock will be returned for resale and the VAT will be accounted for)

Step 2 Do the bank payments to all your customers (T9 transactions) I would create a separate control account for this 9997 Customer Refund Control

(This leaves a balance on 9997 which will the same as the balance of the credit on the customer account)

Step 3 Enter a Batch invoice on the customer account, to match the Credit against the balance on 9997 this should be T9 as well.

(This leave the control account with a zero balance confirming that you have made no mis-postings, the customer account balance will now be unaffected as the credit note will be cancelled out by the invoice.)

Step 4 Match the outstanding invoice and credit note against each other, next time you do a receipt.

P.S. You might like to investigate having a link between the ebay orders and Sage so that each order was automatically entered into Sage, as a separate sales order with a separate customer and then processed in Sage normally. (I understand why without a link, you do it in batches)
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