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Sage 50 - issues with exporting ALL customer address lines for CSV file

For some reason the powers that be in Sage have decided to us Sage 50 as a name for lots of different accounting systems and this has led to a lot of confusion.

The UK version is sold in UK Eire, Malta, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

It does get used in other parts of the world (eg China France) but it is not actively marketed.

This forum is for questions relating to the non UK versions.
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Sage 50 - issues with exporting ALL customer address lines for CSV file

Post by Laura7777 » 21 Aug 2018, 18:49

Hi there,

I have never used Sage before, and it is new to my husbands business. He runs a very small company and I am trying to help him run a mail merge. I have no experience of this programme, and he is learning and trying to delegate too.

I cannot even answer no 3 of your requirements list. I cannot find this info anywhere!!! Sorry. (3/ Include the full version number of Line 50 you are running eg

4/ I am using an APPLE MacBook Air 64 bit.

My issue is trying to export ALL of the address information. I am only receiving Address Line 1 from each customer details. When I click on each customer there is more information than is gathered during export, so some of it is missing.

When I click on Customers, and then click on the cog on the left hand side there is no option to selection Address Line 2, 3 etc. I need this info to help me specify which areas of a town the customer lives in.



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