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email with instant accounts

Posted: 19 Jul 2010, 08:36
by bobcartmel
I am running Sage instant accounts version 10. In the past I have emailed the prior year report using Incredimail. I have removed Incredimail from the system and now use Googlemail. When I now try and email the report I get the message "The report could not be sent, please check your email programme. The error code reported was 2."

What should I do?

Re: email with instant accounts

Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 14:24
by brucedenney
Whatever you do, never install incruddymail again.

Sage is looking for a MAPI email client to send mail.

You can still send the report, just print it to file and save it as pdf (I think that was available in V10) then email the pdf as an attachment.

If V10 didn't have file export to PDF get a copy of PDF Creator from Sourceforge, it is free, just slowly install and skip the free toolbars etc. Then you can print anything in widows to PDF and email it.

Re: email with instant accounts

Posted: 11 Jun 2016, 18:01
by Mhappymom
Thank you Brucedenney. You saved my life. Thank you