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New Sage Developer investigating requirements

This is the place for commercial postings, looking for work, got an extension to promote or whatever, you can do it here.
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New Sage Developer investigating requirements

Post by philla » 15 Nov 2008, 13:13

Would anyone be willing to provide any information on wishes and future wants in business software,
especially with reference to Sage software add-ons ?
I am an experienced (11 years) Sage developer, now planning to set up as an independent developer.

Obviously, I would repay such information with favourabe terms.

Email address is

Please note that the contents of this post are my resposibility, Sage Uk Ltd is not responsible.

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Re: New Sage Developer investigating requirements

Post by --andrea-- » 19 Aug 2009, 23:45

I want Sage to develop the Project Costing.

Not much help to you as an independent developer I know, but its what I want!!

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Re: New Sage Developer investigating requirements

Post by fifs11 » 15 Jan 2010, 12:59

i agree - the project costing is fine as far as it goes, but the reporting could be greatly improved, eg reporting by nominal in each project, or perhaps a P&L by project. It would also be useful to be able to exclusively link nominal codes to projects.

Also not sure if this is helpful but definately part of my wishlist....

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