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Report designer simply crashing

Posted: 01 Aug 2019, 10:58
by zonkolooney
Hi Bruce
I'm just wondering if maybe you can help..................again!

I needed to use an old backup from a previous version ( Version 12 ) to access a once-used customer account in order to print and resend an invoice from my latest version ( Version 15 ).
I got the old backup data to convert seemingly without any problems but the layouts for the invoices that I used will not convert. They simply cause the "Sage Batch converter has stopped working error" message and the report designer simply will not load.
I was trying to avoid having to redesign a whole new invoice and statement layout that took a LOT of time to perfect.
Any ideas please?


Re: Report designer simply crashing

Posted: 02 Aug 2019, 09:38
by brucedenney
Hi there was a change to the report designer at version 13, so things are not as easy for you as the could be.

What I would do is to restore the current layout for invoices to your old data (now converted to the newer version) that way you can print invoices using the new layout.

Restore your current data, do a backup of reports and layouts only.

Restore the old data convert it, restore the new layouts and reports, print your invoices and then restore the current data reports and layouts.

Re: Report designer simply crashing

Posted: 02 Aug 2019, 10:14
by zonkolooney
Thanks very much Bruce - as ALWAYS you find a workaround.
Much appreciated!