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Not Posted Invoices to appear on P & L

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Not Posted Invoices to appear on P & L

Post by billswan » 21 Oct 2018, 09:09


I was wondering how I could add another line on the P&L under sales, product sales of invoices not posted?

My dad is in the construction industry and invoices initially generated are called ' application for payment '. When monies are received then the invoice is posted to the ledgers, all to do with VAT.

I think I need category, function, filter and expression... way over my head when all I do is edit existing reports / copying and


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Re: Not Posted Invoices to appear on P & L

Post by brucedenney » 24 Oct 2018, 10:21

You can do it with a journal.

You set up an extra nominal code for "4350 - Applications not yet fulfilled" or something like that in the P&L and a corresponding account in the Balance Sheet which is "1050 - Work In Progress the applications not yet fulfilled" (Numbers are there to indicate the approximate location in the standard sage chart of accounts, these are indicative only, you should pick a number of your own.

At the end of each period you can then calculate the value of "applications not yet fulfilled" by applying a filter on the invoices to show only un-posted and then run a report to get the net value of those invoices.

You then do a journal between the two accounts so that the balance of the accounts is the value of unposted invoices.

This has the effect of increasing profits in the current period, for tax purposes you may want to adjust this to move the tax liability into a different period but that is a separate issue.

If it is possible that some of the applications may never be realised so it may be more prudent to only post 90% of the value of unposted invoices.
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