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Adding information to Debtors Reports

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Adding information to Debtors Reports

Post by rebeccayoung » 23 Aug 2018, 10:59

I have no Sage/accounts training so please forgive my ignorance...

We run accounts for two sides of the business so we sometimes need to add 'our ref' and 'their ref' to invoices, I have added INVOICE.ORDER_NUMBER as their ref as we use that most often and our ref as NOTES_1.

I want to include the info from NOTES_1 in the debtors report next to the TYPE-DATE-Inv no. information under the ACCOUNT_REF Header. The Group expression for this is SALES_LEDGER.ACCOUNT_REF.

I have tried to add it in in various ways which either give me 'no report data' or I get 649 lines duplicated (we have 649 invoices) under each account with the reference I want appearing once.

Hope this makes sense!


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Re: Adding information to Debtors Reports

Post by brucedenney » 30 Aug 2018, 12:04

What you will need to do is to link the invoice to the Audit Trail, you link INVOICE.INVOICE_NUMBER to AUDIT_HEADER.INV_REF however, this needs to be a parent outer join so that when there is no matching Invoice eg a manually entered one / credit note / sales receipt etc the audit trail record is still returned.

Joins are not hard to do, but if you are new to Sage, I would suggest you get someone with a bit of experience to help you do this as this is not basic beginner stuff.
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