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Sales Delivery Address Email

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Sales Delivery Address Email

Post by Danbrush » 15 Aug 2018, 15:06


I have been trying to create a report which would generate the relevant email address for the delivery address which the order is being sent to, rather than just the general email address for the account. This report would then in turn be sent to that delivery email address as an order confirmation.

Our current report for this is around 10 years old so I downloaded one of Sage' templates to avoid any potential age related problems.

I initially followed this page here: ... aqid=21420
Which is meant to simply let you copy and paste the raw text to get what I am after, however it just breaks the report and no data can be returned.

So I tried to graphically join SALES_ORDER to SALES_DEL_ADDR, but so far my only success has been in joining DEL_ADDRESS_1 to ADDRESS_1.
Upon trying to add a second join from SALES_ORDER to E.MAIL of SALES_DEL_ADDR has simply resulted in the report breaking.

I'm really stumped over this, especially as I feel it should be a simple join. Is there anyone who would be able to offer any advice as to where I am going wrong?

I've attached a copy of my report as is for reference.


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Re: Sales Delivery Address Email

Post by brucedenney » 30 Aug 2018, 11:45

There is no link between the Delivery address table and the Order.

You can try and do it by matching lines of the address but that is flawed by and address changes. Essentially, you can not do it.
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