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Printing Payment Method Text and NOT Code

Report design issues and solutions.
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Printing Payment Method Text and NOT Code

Post by AirfilProPack » 29 Oct 2013, 12:16

Hi, I've been looking at this a few day's now, and must be missing something simple! I'm tweaking a Aged Creditors Summary report to show a few different columns. One of the additional columns I'd like to show is Payment Method, however the only variable available is Purchase_Ledger.Payment_Method_ID which just displays the codes 1,2,3,4 etc. and not the text BAC / Cheque and so on. I've tried creating an expression, but just seem to go bad from worse. Am I making this harder than it is or is there a straightforward way / option to show the text and not the code?
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Re: Printing Payment Method Text and NOT Code

Post by brucedenney » 29 Oct 2013, 17:12

Hi is that you Tammie?

The bottom line is that the payment method labels are variables and they are not in the purchase ledger table so you will not see them.

There are 3 ways you can fix this.

Each has a strength (and a weakness).

The linked table method
Link in the purchase_method table and then you can use the purchase method variables.
This is the "best" solution but you need to link tables and a lot of people never venture that deeply into the report designer.

The expression method
You can write a large expression to set the text depending on the value of Purchase_Ledger.Payment_Method_ID.
This is great but monster expressions are confusing and difficult to get your head around.

The cheat method.
Put a text box in the report containing the word "Cheque" set it's "Suppress Printing" property to "True" so it never prints. Then set a conditional property with a filter of Purchase_Ledger.Payment_Method_ID = 0 or whatever value for you means cheque then set the "Suppress Printing" property to false.
Repeat that for each of the different types .
Check they each work, when you are happy
Place them all on top of each other on the report and hey presto when you print only one of them will show.

This is a "bulky" solution in that it is lots of bits, but each bit is easy to do so it is great on simplicity for a person who doesn't want to go too deep into the report designer.

Hope this helps.

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