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Setting Up a Report to E-Mail Invoices (Grouped by Client)

Report design issues and solutions.
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Setting Up a Report to E-Mail Invoices (Grouped by Client)

Post by iStevie » 27 Mar 2012, 13:21


I had read a previous post from April last year and read the guide that Bruce posted on how to set-up emailing of reports from Sage. I already e-mail reports so i know how to set it up to send but at present i am only able to send reports by manually clicking on the ones i want to be exported and repeating that process for each customer.

I have learnt from Bruces guide how to change it from "entire report" to "Invoice Number" so that it created a new e-mail for each invoice number being exported which is great but i often send upto 20 invoices at a time to each customer so i don't really want to send 20 different e-mails to each customer.

What seems like the obvious solution is to group the report by customer account reference in the same way it is setup to be grouped by invoice number? The questions is how is this done?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Setting Up a Report to E-Mail Invoices (Grouped by Clien

Post by brucedenney » 28 Mar 2012, 10:41

You can do that, what you need to do is to alter the layout so that it has an extra account_ref grouping in addition to the invoice number grouping

This will create headers and footers , you need to move these to the very top and bottom outside the invoice header and footer. You can hide these headers and footers as the grouping will only be used for sending emails.

Not that when you print invoices using this layout rather than being printed in invoice number order, they will be printed in groups for each customer in invoice number order.
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