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Default T-Codes for Nominals

Posted: 07 Dec 2017, 21:17
by andy6562
My first post so go easy (-;
When posting my bank payments can the correct T-Code be made default for certain nominal codes?
So when posting something to 7000, wages the T-Code automatically is T9 without having to change it.

Re: Default T-Codes for Nominals

Posted: 08 Dec 2017, 11:52
by brucedenney
This is not a feature of Sage 50.

The bank payment for Wages should be going to a wages control account in the balance sheet and you should be using a wages journal to put the cost of employment into the 7000 account.

I wrote a very short bit about this here. ... .htm#Wages

Essentially, the cost of employing someone is more than just what you pay them in Wages, there are national insurance contributions, pension contributions and tax all in addition to the actual amount you pay them.

The journal takes these costs and puts them all onto the 7000 account then puts all the separate bits into control accounts in the balance sheet, typically there are 3 main accounts a Wages Control a Tax and NI control and a Pension control.

So a person might earn £100 pay net, £20 tax and £10 national insurance and have £5 contributed toward their pension so get paid £95. They might also contribute £5 towards their pension.

This results in

7000 Employment Cost £-135
2210 PAYE & NI £30
2220 Wages £95
2230 Pension £10

When you pay the PAYE and NI to the government the balance on the control account should go back to 0
When you pay the wages to the staff, the balance on the Wages control account should go back to 0
When you pay the pension over to the pension company the balance on that account should go back to 0

This way the Employment costs is the actual cost and you have control to make sure that monies are all paid to their respective parties.

Hope this helps.

Re: Default T-Codes for Nominals

Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 18:48
by andy6562
Thanks Bruce,
Thats how I do it but wondered if I could just make it easier for me to change the default tax code in certain nominal codes. Seems logical to me!!
Thanks anyway.

Re: Default T-Codes for Nominals

Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 11:07
by brucedenney
If you have regular transactions, you can use the recurring option to save the whole thing and have it repeat. You can also use the memorise option to remember payments, nominals, details etc to reuse each time.