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Bank Reconciliation Urgent Help !!!

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Bank Reconciliation Urgent Help !!!

Post by LEMUK » 09 Oct 2010, 17:37


I have recently started a new job working for a company doing their accounts using Sage 2008 Version and have realised their are errors in their bank reconciliations done previously and I only noticed this having started to reconcile my transactions which did not add up correctly since the statement before had an incorrect opening balance :x .

I was wondering if their was any way I could re-set the bank reconciliation, I unfortunately do not have a back-up of the data before I attempted reconciliation since my company back-ups the system as a whole on back-up tapes on a server.

Having contacted Sage support they advised me to unreconcile the transactions to before the date of last correct reconciliation through "Maintenance" and "Corrections" however having done this the balance was still not correct and I feel the best solution would be to start again a fresh if possible.

Any advice would be reallllly appreciated :?


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Re: Bank Reconciliation Urgent Help !!!

Post by happiness » 15 Oct 2010, 17:01

Hi Lee,

The only way to un-mark a transaction that has been bank reconciled is to un-tick the bank rec tick box from within File > Maintenance transaction per transaction.

Unfortunately, there is no quick way other thank restoring a backup where the transactions were not reconciled.

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Re: Bank Reconciliation Urgent Help !!!

Post by brucedenney » 18 Oct 2010, 17:15

I would do a bank payment or receipt to bring the balance correct.

I would post it to the suspense account and look for the error at year end and or write it off if I can't.

You may find other transactions later that will fix part or all of the error.

the important thing is to get it right and keep it right.

Using the history (PDF's sage automatically prints off each time a bank rec done) you should, hopefully be able to go back and see where things have gone wrong and what has happened.
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